Gross profit margin


1. Buying with borrowed money can be very risky because both gain and loss are bigger. That is, while the potential for larger profit exists, this comes at a hefty price - the potential for bigger losses. Margin also subjects the investor to a number of unique threats such as interest payments for use of the borrowed money

2. For example, if you hold futures contracts in a margin account, you have to sustain a certain amount of margin depending on how the market values of the contracts change.

3. Gross profit margin (which is the difference between income and expenses) is one compute of a company's performance.

Gross profit margin

The gross profit margin is a measurement of a company's manufacturing and distribution effectiveness during the manufacture process. The gross profit tells an investor the percentage of revenue / sales left after subtracting the cost of goods sold

Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold
= ---------------------------------

The gross profit margin proportion tells us the profit a business makes on its cost of sale, or cost of goods sold. It is a very easy idea and it tells us how much gross profit per £1 of turnover our business is earning
  1. is extremely useful when comparing against the margins \of previous years.
  2. A 33% gross margin means products are marked up 50% and so on.


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